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Max Bartoli

CEO & Co-Founder


Washington D.C. November 13th, 2023

In the realm of Fireball Extreme Challenge™ (FXC) a profound connection unites us all: a shared dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others. FXC’s remarkable ability to bring people together, plays a pivotal role in our mission. Its essence of sportsmanship, encapsulated in fair play and respect, fosters a sense of unity among participants, transcending differences.

From its inception, FXC was designed to address a critical gap in the $500B sports industry: the lack of a professional coed league that accommodates athletes of all genders and identities, ensuring an equal playing field. Recognizing the potential social impact of our sport, we embarked on a journey to create a discipline accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or political stance.

Our founders and partners have devoted considerable time, energy, and resources to diverse charitable causes, all united by a common multifaceted theme: the pursuit of maximizing the potential of athletes, elevating our sport, inspiring others, and improving the lives of those we enter in contact with.

The FXC Global Foundation, coupled with the recently launched Lucia Grenna Unity & Sustainability Through Sport Award, reflects our commitment to translating intentions into actions. Our initiative started to bear fruit when Advanced Families Services Unity (AFSU), an Ugandan nonprofit, responded to our outreach for community improvement and engagement.

AFSU's President, Mugambe K. Hussein, discovered FXC online and, without hesitation, integrated it into the local community. A testament to the transformative power of FXC, AFSU's program, "Neighbors of Chimps 'Home of Sports" saw tangible improvements, including the construction of a well and the provision of batteries for solar panels.

Mugambe, along with community members, shared their experiences: "Fireball Extreme Challenge™ is a mind-blowing sport that transcends gender barriers, providing opportunities for individuals who may have lost interest in traditional sports. Its unique attributes, such as promoting gender equality, inclusivity, and a lack of age restrictions at the amateur level, make it enjoyable and accessible to all.

The intensity and energy required in this game are extraordinary, and the fact of not having an age limit as long as one feels physically fit, makes truly enjoyable and awe-inspiring.

Unlike other sports that demand exceptional talents, FXC provides an opportunity for individuals like us who were not naturally gifted. Through consistent practice of FXC some of us have grown stronger, steadier, and faster, showcasing the transformative power of this discipline.

As a community, we express our sincere appreciation to the visionary founders of the sport, especially for the incredible opportunities they have bestowed upon Neighbors of Chimps Preparatory School. The provision of a solar system has not only illuminated our school but has also facilitated the printing of examinations, homework, and comprehensive tests.

Fireball, alongside other sports, has played a pivotal role in positively impacting the lives of 340 underprivileged students affiliated with Neighbors of Chimps Preparatory School. This institution was established with the aim of instilling hope for a brighter future, allowing students to participate in sports while pursuing a formal education. Through Fireball Extreme Challenge™ and its Lucia Grenna Award (where each point earned translates to a dollar), we encourage sports enthusiasts to sponsor children, contributing to their education.

Furthermore, the realization that Fireball can share the same court as Basketball has ignited optimism within our local community. We look forward to a future where our plan to develop indoor courts for Fireball, Basketball, and Netball comes to fruition, further enhancing the sports landscape in our area.

Through FXC, our community not only experienced a revitalized interest in sports but also reaped tangible benefits. The point system, emphasizing teamwork and involvement, added a layer of excitement, fostering local communities engagement. Furthermore, FXC's impact extended beyond the playing field, contributing to educational initiatives and providing clean water to the community.

While there is much more we could express, overall, we extend our gratitude to the FXC Federation President and Board of Directors. As the first delegate of Fireball Extreme Challenge in Uganda, I am genuinely pleased about the opportunities this initiative has brought to our country. Thank you immensely.”

As Mugambe's community testifies, FXC is not just a sport; it confirms to be a catalyst for positive change. We want to consider this success story in Uganda a positive beginning, demonstrating that communities worldwide are ready to embrace FXC and answer the call for positive action. An inspiring start must be followed by a consistent and fruitful path, involving an increasing number of communities that could benefit from FXC's qualities and social impact. Our goal extends beyond Uganda; it is a global endeavor. The FXC governing bodies and community aim to amplify participation and awareness of FXC's potential at personal and community levels. We seek to inspire young people to engage in sports, promoting an active lifestyle and investing in local communities.

We invite you to join our mission. Help us build the pipeline of philanthropy, unite in the name of your community, and together, let's make a lasting impact through the power of Fireball Extreme Challenge™.

Get in touch with us to discover how you can participate.


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