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Take a Stand: Empower communities and the younger generation with FXC! The FXC Global Foundation is unveiling its inaugural program, aiming to transform numerous lives.


Embark on a revolutionary journey with the FXC Global Foundation! Our unprecedented program blends the inclusive Fireball Extreme Challenge™ with a commitment to act for the good of others. FXC, the only mandatory coed team sport ensuring 100% gender equality, empowers communities and young generations through the Lucia Grenna Award and our new educational initiative.


Your donation, regardless of size, is crucial for fostering life-altering experiences. Be a catalyst for change by supporting this initiative that champions fitness and nurtures a commitment to act for the good of others. Join us in making a positive impact on global education and communities. Every contribution counts – donate today! 



In a pioneering endeavor, the FXC Global Foundation unveils its innovative dual-program approach aimed at bolstering local communities and schools. This initiative marks the introduction of the inaugural educational program focused on the groundbreaking and inclusive sport of Fireball Extreme Challenge™ (FXC). The foundation's mission is unequivocal – to mobilize communities, unlock previously raised funds, and offer renewed educational prospects, motivating individuals to translate hope and aspirations into concrete actions. The program seeks to empower teenagers, nurturing connections, and encouraging them to effect positive change through their actions, all the while pursuing higher education.


At the core of this initiative lies the acknowledgment that sports, specifically the dynamic Fireball Extreme Challenge™, serves as a potent catalyst for improving lives and engaging individuals to contribute positively to their communities. The foundation's dual-pronged program involves raising funds to support initiatives selected by the Lucia Grenna Award, which have a direct impact on local communities. Simultaneously, the program places a significant emphasis on education, particularly valuing students' qualities of dedication and consistency, underscoring that natural talent alone is insufficient. 

A distinctive feature of this program is its commitment to recognizing and rewarding not only academic excellence but also physical prowess. Students who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to both their studies and FXC training, achieving outstanding results, will be granted a unique opportunity – to represent the United States in international FXC competitions, offering them an experience of a lifetime.


Participating in international competitions offers the youth a chance to showcase their skills on a global stage. However, the significance goes beyond the thrill of competition. It provides a transformative experience, offering a unique opportunity to explore foreign countries, encounter diverse cultures, and potentially forge new international friendships. This immersive experience has the power to motivate and offer a fresh perspective on life and future possibilities for those who partake in it.


The FXC Global Foundation recognizes the holistic development that occurs when combining sports and education. Research has consistently shown the multitude of benefits that games and sports bring to education. Beyond physical fitness, engagement in sports teaches life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, and patience. It builds confidence, improves self-esteem, and fosters a sense of belongingness.


On a national scale, the initial phase of the program will concentrate on sustainable initiatives proposed through the Lucia Grenna Award. These initiatives may include the construction of parks, multipurpose recreational areas, schools, and the replacement of aging water pipes. Additionally, there will be a specific focus on schools in the Greater Los Angeles area. Concurrently, on an international level, the FXC Global Foundation is expanding its impact to the Ugandan community and schools on Khome Island. Notably, the foundation has already made substantial contributions to ensure access to clean water and provide solar panel batteries on the island, fostering a sustainable environment for the community.


In conclusion, the introduction of the program by the FXC Global Foundation signifies a significant achievement at the crossroads of sports, education, and community engagement. By providing communities and adolescents with the opportunity to participate in the Fireball Extreme Challenge™, the foundation not only advocates for physical fitness but also nurtures comprehensive development, equipping individuals for life's challenges and inspiring them to contribute to the well-being of their own communities. This enhances their sense of belonging and accomplishment. As we witness the amalgamation of sports and education in this groundbreaking initiative, it becomes clear that the FXC Global Foundation is not merely impacting education but is also playing a role in enhancing communities on a global scale. 

Transform Lives Today: Every Donation Counts!

Join the movement for change! Your donation, big or small, makes a real impact on kids' lives. Act now and be a part of shaping their brighter future. Every contribution matters – let's make a difference together!  

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