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The International FXC Federation and Organization and the FXC Global Foundation, are proud to announce the creation of the: 

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Devoted mother of four, a great motivator and a real visionary with the power of ‘making the impossible possible’, Lucia Grenna was the founder and driving force of Connect4Climate, the unit specializing in Communication for Climate Change at the World Bank Group’s Global Engagement division.

With her extensive experience in development communication,

Lucia realized that communication for climate action would be key to advancing the climate movement, promoting the solutions necessary and motivating the political leadership needed to build a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable future. She made it her mission to build a social movement for climate action by raising awareness of the impact of climate change and promoting the solutions for addressing it. She worked with partners across the globe to reach the greatest audience possible, especially young people.

In 2009 she convinced the World Bank and the Italian Ministry of Environment that climate communication was critical and well worth supporting and established the Communication for Climate Change Multi-Donor Trust Fund of the World Bank. In 2011 the flagship global partnership program Connect4Climate was born. It quickly took hold, gathering half a million Facebook followers and forging ties with leaders in popular culture – including music, film and fashion icons – to reach the generations of the future while at the same time helping scientists, politicians, and administrators raise awareness and prompt action.

Before moving to work with the World Bank, Lucia was the task manager for the First World Congress on Communication for Development (WCCD, Rome 2006) that brought together over 800 communication professionals engaged in development initiatives, policy-and decision-making, NGOs, community representatives, and academics to discuss how to mainstream development communication into development policies and practice.

Lucia was a unique and influential presence who could mix with anyone, anywhere, gain their attention and advance proposals for seemingly impossible initiatives. Who but Lucia could have brought together an unusual group of partners to orchestrate the historical projection of massive climate-related images on the front of the Vatican, reminding a worldwide audience of our responsibility to protecting the Planet?

Her example and legacy will never be forgotten.

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