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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

April 2018 saw FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge ‘landing successfully’ to Spain. 

The initiative was made possible by Cristina Giordana and Josep Morris Escobar who organized demonstrations in the Club Basquet LLUÏSOS DE GRÀCIA and at the school ESCUELA PIA DE SARRIA. 

4 co-ed teams (in these cases all with a majority of female athletes) tried-out the new sport, demonstrating this inclusive sport can really be played by both genders showing a very close level of performance and entertainment.

The enthusiasm and positive reactions obtained convinced Giordana and Escobar to enter the Spanish market using Catalunya to spearfish the diffusion of the sport in the whole country.

"Our initial talks and the enthusiastic feedback we’ve got in the past few days" stated Cristina Giordana, FXC Spanish Delegate "convinced us it might even be possible to bring a Spanish team in Italy, next October 28th for the Italian FXC Tournament”.

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