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April 17th, Washington D.C.

The International FXC Federation (IFC) is thrilled to announce its endorsement by the Women7 Italy's Committee. This prestigious recognition highlights FXC's commitment to promoting gender equality, empowering women and minorities, and creating job opportunities for women in the sports industry.

This endorsement follows a successful visit by IFC co-founders to Assam, India, where they introduced Fireball Extreme Challenge™ to indigenous communities.

The Women7 Italy's Committee's recognition adds to a growing list of accolades for FXC. Recent collaborations include a 'knowledge partnership' with the World Bank Group's Connect4Climate program, and agreements with the International Confederation of Workers and Amateurs in Sports (CSIT), the Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport (AICS), and the Associazione Club Sportivi Italiani (ACSI).

"We are deeply honored by the endorsement from Women7 Italy," said the IFC Board of Directors. "This recognition is a testament to our steadfast commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable sporting environment, and we are grateful to the W7 Italy Co-Chairs: Martina Rogato, Claudia Segre, and Annamaria Tartaglia."

About Women 7 (W7)

Women 7 is an international group of organisations and civil society advocacy groups that advocate for gender equality in the G7 negotiations and formulate demands to the heads of state and government.

About Fireball Extreme Challenge™ (FXC)

FXC is a unique sporting discipline that guarantees 100% of gender equality on the court. It is designed to be inclusive and accessible for people of all ages, genders, and abilities. The IFC is dedicated to promoting FXC globally and fostering its positive social impact.


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