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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Thanks to the partnership agreement reached by the International FXC Federation and Romone F. Penny’s Pursuit Sports Group, FXC successfully landed in Chicago on October 15th 2019.

The inclusive, coed sport was presented to the top execs of the Crown Family Philanthropies (, as well as of the After School Matters® (, a non-profit organization that provides life-changing after-school and summer program opportunities to nearly 19,000 Chicago high school teens each year.

Live demonstrations and activations were also carried out on Oct. 15th and 16th respectively with a group of the PeacePlayers children ( at the Palmer Park Community Center, and with a group of adults at Wind City Field House. PeacePlayers is an organization that has worked with more than 75,000 youth in 22 countries, and operates year-round local programs in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Cyprus, South Africa and the United States.

The enthusiastic reactions obtained by all parties confirm the positioning strategy of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ agreed by the two companies and the scope-based advantages identified by Bartoli, Rivera and Penny are correct.

The International FXC Federation will return to Chicago in February to participate to the 2020 Pursuit Financial Excellence Weekend (, a three-day celebration focused on economic achievements in sports and entertainment, which will allow leaders to serve as ambassadors of financial education while demonstrating and sharing their successes with peers and youth.


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