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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

December 10th, 2020

The FXC International Federation, the INDET - Instituto Nacional del Deporte de los Trabajadores, the INDEREQ - the Instituto del Deporte y la Recreación de lo Estado de Queretaro, the Municipality of Queretaro have reached an agreement to host the first FXC World Cup in Querétaro, Mexico from May 20 to May. 23, 2021.

Teams from USA, India, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia have already been invited.

The event, which will be televised internationally, will represent a milestone not only in the young history of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ but also in the sport industry, being the first competition open to every country featuring a mandatory coed sport, where men and women not only must play together, but do so with the same performance level.

The participating teams will be divided in groups of 4, will compete with a Round Robin formula with the best two teams of each group passing to the eliminating phase. Semi-finals and the final will take place on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021.

The competition will be run implementing the strict COVID19 protocols and measures adopted by the International FXC Federation.

00_FXC_safety measures english
Download PDF • 8.06MB

The event will be co-presented by AICS International, the CSIT and by the International FXC Federation's knowledge partner the World Bank Group's Connect4Climate.



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