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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

December 17th, 2020

"We are proud to announce that the Board of Directors of the International FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge Federation has accepted our request to join them. This decision makes Cyprus the third country in Europe to embrace the explosive, inclusive and mandatory coed sport of FXC, the only one able to guarantee 100% of gender equality on the court”.

With these words Omar Hamad, entrepreneur and athlete, professional coach and Athlete Development, a trainer of World-class & Olympic athletes and exclusive FXC Delegate in Cyprus, commented the recent decision of the FXC Federation to accept Cyprus request to join the FXC organization.

Mr. Omar Hamad

Mr. Hamad will now lead the creation of FXC sport in Cyprus as well as the training and formation of athletes and referees. His first big challenge: form a competitive team to challenge Mexico - the current champions - at the 2021 FXC World Cup which will be held on May 20-23 in Queretaro, Mexico.

“Cyprus is a home of a lot of great athletes with notable successes amongst the international sport games, from Kyriakes Ioannou with 2.35m jump Osaka, Japan, to Tio Ellinas motorsport GP3 great driver, and from Pavlos Kontides silver Olympic 2012 in Laser Class Sailing to Marcos Baghdatis with current Rank 8th Tennis worldwide, and many more!

Cyprus it is a small island with popular sports such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and handball were most people involved in either as an athletes or fans. In general, Cyprus sports went to the next level in the recent years which resulted with attracting higher number of the public to participate and take part in sport activities - added Mr. Hamad - So we are planning to form a great FXC team from the get-go.

The Olympic Games and the discipline of FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge™ were created not too far from here so we will do our best to bring the FXC World Cup back to Europe. It’s been in the Americas way too long!”.

The International FXC Federation welcomes Mr. Hamad and Cyprus to the FXC community and looks forward to seeing him in Mexico in May 2021.



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